PortaFab Modular Buildings

For more than 25 years PortaFab has been a leading manufacturer and designer of pre-engineered modular building systems for endless applications in solving in-plant space problems.

When unexpected changes in business create new demands for in-plant space utilization, modular buildings give you unlimited flexibility in responding quickly - and for much less cost than possible with buildings made from conventional construction.

The scope of our modular systems offers a quality solution for every in-plant space need. The unmatched array of interchangeable panel and stud construction choices, plus standard options, gives you a complete building system with which you can control the design and layout of your plant space.

Modular buildings can be accessorized to fit virtually every need--including sound, thermal and fire insulation; unique electrical and lighting specifications; and aesthetic requirements. All PortaFab modular buildings feature nonprogressive construction. Interchangeable wall panels, door and window panels let you make changes quickly without disturbing adjacent panels or the ceiling.

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